The Long Awaited gDiaper Review

It’s only taken me about seven (!) months to finally review gDiapers as promised….and I’m honestly doing so only because I said I would.

To be quite honest, I was very underwhelmed by these.  So much so, I never ended up purchasing the flushable inserts – I only ever used the cloth.  The inserts were too expensive and actually quite hard to find in NYC of all places!  So, without further delay:

  1. Strike one is that the diapers are sized – meaning one needs to keep purchasing larger sizes as the baby grows.
  2. Strike two is that it took me forever to get the fit right – and even when I did, they nearly always leaked.
  3. Strike three is that the plastic liner stained awfully the second poo touched it.  And really, that’s pretty gross.
  4. Strike four?  The plastic components irritated my kiddo’s skin way too much.

For the above reasons and the high cost, these diapers quickly made it to the bottom of my pile.  Not to mention they really didn’t hold up well from the few times I tried to use them.  The cloth inserts are fine – and I can use them to double – but yikes overall.

This was not a worthwhile purchase.  In my mind, there are much better products out there.

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