To bounce or not to bounce?

Kiddo is a real party animal.  No, seriously.  I’ve heard ‘mom arms’ rock and all that, but this kid is going to have me looking like a professional tennis player in no time with the amount of time he thinks I should support him so he can bounce, bounce, bounce.  Maybe we should rename him Tigger.

So, I’m trying to convince Pops that a jumper sling contraption would make my (and Kiddo’s) life better.  Because Kiddo could jump to his heart’s content (I want to time that) and I can well…give my arms a break.  It’s a win-win.  Plus, some say it’s good for the legs.

But you know what we’re famous for in my house?  We’re famous for obsessive research.  I knew going into this that I don’t want a free standing unit because they take up too much space.  A door frame jumper sounds like a better fit for our small space lifestyle so I started looking.

And boy do I hate plastic.  And then I came across the Merry Muscles bouncer.  While the website it perhaps not amazing, the actual product intrigues me because it makes a few good points – about support, about proper positioning, and about…well….no plastic.  Naturally it costs 3x what your typical bouncer costs….but it won’t squish my boy’s bits and it’ll correctly position his feet so he isn’t on his tip toes.  Plus….it folds up nice.

So what do you say, Pops?  Can we get it?  Huh?  Huh?

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