Pop’s List: Daycare, Day 1

Here’s what’s on my agenda for tomorrow morning:

(1) Wake up (before Kiddo wakes up)
(2) Change from sleepwear to regular clothes

(i) undershirt
(ii) socks
(iii) pants
(iv) shirt

(3) breakfast
(4) diaper change
(5) pack the “drop off” bag

(i) picture of Kiddo
(ii) instructions (when he naps, feeding schedule etc..)
(iii) swaddle blanket
(iv) 3 bottles
(v) food bag (3 frozen and 3 additional “servings”)
(vi) diaper rash cream

(6) pack stroller

(i) 8 diapers (6 come back)
(ii) recline the back of the stroller
(iii) drop off bag

(7) put jacket on Kiddo
(8) put olli and lime blanket over kiddo
(9) leave house and go to daycare
(10) collapse stroller and go to work

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