Getting Around Town: Avis Rental – Sebring Convertible

Avis was able to come through for me on this one! One of the first bright sunny days of the year and they’re able to get me into a convertable… I wish I had known that you can’t have the top down with an infant in the car. =P

Car Group Rented: Convertible $35.69
Car Group Charged: Intermediate  
Car Make Model: Lbl Chry Sebc Con  
Mileage Out: 28584 Fuel Out: 8/8  
Mileage In: 28674 Fuel In: 8/8  
Mileage Driven: 90    
Concession recovery fee (11.11%)   $4.05
FTP SR$ 0.75DY I have no idea what this charge is. $0.75
Tax (19.875%)   $8.05
Total   $48.54
Gas Filling up the tank $18.75 
Taxi Getting to/from the rental agency $16.00
Total with gas/taxi   $83.29

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