Getting Around Town: Avis Rental – PT Cruiser

My latest experience renting from Avis, which unfortunately ended on a sour note. Every rental I’ve ever done, I’ve picked the car up with a full tank of gas and dropped it off full. I did the same this time and was very suprised to see a $14 fuel surcharge listed on my bill.

Emailing Avis immediately to point out that my receipt shows the “Fuel In” was 8/8 (or full) resulted in their request for a gas station receipt or a credit card statement. Fortunately for me, I had saved my receipt and expect to hear back from Avis this week regarding my fax.

Car Group Rented: INTERMEDIATE $42.00
Car Group Charged: FULL SIZE 4 DOOR  
Car Make Model: RED CHRY PTCR 4DR  
Mileage Out: 20861 Fuel Out: 8/8  
Mileage In: 20911 Fuel In: 8/8  
Mileage Driven: 50    
Concession recovery fee (11.11%)   $4.67
Fuel Service I returned the car full and was still charged the fuel service fee! $13.99
Tax (19.875%)   $12.06
Total   $72.72
Gas Filling up the tank  $8.00
Taxi Getting to/from the rental agency $16.00
Total   $96.72

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  1. Pops #

    After faxing in my pretty beat-up gas receipt, Avis credited my card $16.77 (making the new total $79.95). With that, I’ll give them another chance.