Essential Gear: The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

In the months and weeks leading up to Kiddo’s birth, they were all saying it… Enjoy your sleep now, it’ll be the first thing you lose, they failed to mention that the second thing to go would be my short term memory.

Very early on, determining how long it had been between feedings, diaper changes and how long kiddo had been sleeping involved complex brow furrowing and very sincere sounding guestimates… at least until Mum found the Itzbeen baby care timer on Giggle.

With the Itzbeen, determining the meaning behind the 3:45 a.m. crying is Much easier! The Itzbeen has a simple to use format. Just push a button to time how long it has been since baby’s last:

  • Nap;
  • Diaper Change; or
  • Feeding.

This timer also features a clock, backlighting for easy night reading, a nightlight for diaper changes in the dark. The Itzbeen also has an alarm setting that can be used to set reminders to change a diaper every 3 hours, when to feed the baby or when the next nap needs to be taken.

The button at the bottom helps those moms breast-feeding know which side was nursed on last (just switch the button to the left or the right).

Itzbeen Instruction PDF (english)

** Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. The recently reviewed Sanyo Eneloop rechargables have been working very well.

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