Ready or not, here we go!

After enduring 27 hours of labor, Mum gave birth to a healthy baby boy (aka Kiddo)!

What’s next? From what we’ve been told by friends, family and hospital staff, the next two weeks are going to be very difficult.

On the plus side, we were able to find a car service that seems made for urban parents. is a car service that offers new parents and baby a way of getting home safely from the hospital. Mum and I used KidCarNY to get back to Astoria from the hospital. The Honda Odyssey mini-van we traveled home in had a properly installed infant car seat and the driver took care on the way home to avoid potholes and uneven concrete.

Considering the amount of time we spent in the hospital coupled with sleep deprivation, we didn’t feel comfortable driving home with such an important cargo. Overall, KidCarNY is a bit overpriced, however for those without a car seat (or Zipcar/Hertz Connect membership) the service is a good one to know about.

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